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Every Day is Black Friday and Cyber Monday at The Guitar Garage! Give Our Independent Store a Chance to Price Match, and Answer your Questions. Our Staff is not made up of Computer IT Experts, but of experienced professionals who care about the products we sell.

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Scary Mary's Corner

Not being a musician myself, I was bored beyond belief for years while Dennis trooped to guitar stores and spent hours trying out EVERY GUITAR IN THE PLACE (sorry, hon). When Dennis lured me with the promise of California sun to the January NAMM trade show in Anaheim, CA , I was surprised and delighted to discover the variety of world instruments that ANYBODY can play, INSTANTLY, even ME.

The folks back home loved what I found, and I've had tons of fun searching out, playing, and demonstrating the weird, the wonderful, and the immediately tuneful. If you have ever said, "I can't play anything," "I'm not musical," or "I'm hopeless," this page is for you. If you ever felt left out while the gang was jamming, this page is for you. If you are a musician with a good ear who likes something different, this page is for you. If you're shopping for that one-of-a-kind gift, this page is for you. Get the idea?

All these instruments are made by or collected by some of the nicest people I've had the privelege to meet. Their stories, as available, will be on their instruments' pages. Browse happily.
- Scary Me

Off beat and user friendly musical instruments. Each item selected by a woman with no musical talent. Make music after seconds of study. If Scary Mary can do it, you can too. - Dennis


Our Tadpoles have Hatched! Musical Frog Guiro / Rasp

Musical Cricket Guiro or Rasp - Sold Out

Hand Carved Djembe Drum from Africa

New! Best Beginner Steel Drum Package, Ever!

Panyard Jumbie Jam Steel Drum Package

Great sounding instrument anyone can play in 30 seconds!

Make a musical statement and a fashion statement -- all at the same time!

Is it a storm approaching?

Great Gift Idea. Price includes shipping!


Why are Bagpipers always marching?

To get away from the noise.

Mercedes Benz of the Kazoo World!

Wooden Kazoo - Sold Out

Take-along music, not X-rated!

Maui Xaphoon Pocket Sax Now available in colors

Moroccan bongos sound best!

Not a musical instrument, but very cool.

THE best flutes at the best price!

Good sound, fun for just $12.49!

Get the Original UDU Drum!


Not musical, but a very cool. Key Ring and Statue now available!

Venus of Willendorf Key Ring and Statue

Affordable, nice sound. Only $23.95 !

Bamboo Didjeridoo

Portable easy-to-play Asian instrument

Bamboo Xylophone

African melodic percussion


Bolo Guitar Pick Necklace

Real Gong with Bamboo Stand, Beater- good chi here!

Bargain Steel Drum with Stand and Mallets... mon.

Steel Drum - Sold out - more coming soon

Scary Mary's Picks for Hand Held Percussion

More Info

Great Gift for the Guitar Player!

Hand Crafted Authentic Wine Bottle Guitar Slides - SOLD OUT

Much More to Come!

Off beat and user friendly musical instruments. Each item selected by a woman with no musical talent. Make music after seconds of study. If Scary Mary can do it, you can too. Dennis

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Beautiful Wood Guitar Pick Boxes - SOLD OUT!

Original UDU Drum - SOLD OUT

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