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Every Day is Black Friday and Cyber Monday at The Guitar Garage! Give Our Independent Store a Chance to Price Match, and Answer your Questions. Our Staff is not made up of Computer IT Experts, but of experienced professionals who care about the products we sell.

Call us - 1.518.746.9500 or Email us -

We inspect and Set-up our Instuments before shipping; we don't just stick a box on a conveyer and have a computer put a shipping label on it.

Why Buy from Adirondack Guitar and Pro Audio?

As you know, gentle shopper, the Internet has made us all price-wise consumers. You may have shopped online in the past, and had satisfactory or disappointing experiences. Adirondack Guitar and Pro Audio, having only recently merged onto the Information Superhighway, still retains the traditional, comfortable expectation of fine service while keeping prices competitive for the price-wise shopper. WE WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY.

When you call Adirondack Guitar and Pro Audio, you are not greeted by a canned receptionist and a frustrating maze of voice mail. You do not have to wait for a bored gnome in a cubicle whose turn it was to pick up the next call - you get instant one-on-one live communication. A real human answers, more often than not the shop owner. Just like the old days.

WE DELIVER. And we mean that, in all nuances. Your purchase arrives at your door, securely packaged, as promised. If you have special delivery requirements or, as very occasionally happens, the package was damaged in shipping, you just pick up the phone and call us. And get a real person - remember?

Adirondack Guitar and Pro Audio is not a "big box" store - not a national chain or a mere dot-com business dreamed up by someone only out to make a quick buck. It is a privately-owned store run by a man who LOVES music in all its forms and who has dedicated this part of his life to seeing the art form continue. Dennis knows how much satisfaction music adds to your life. And although an accomplished player himself, he remembers just starting out, and makes himself available to counsel you and help you make the best choice for your budget and playing level. Although we believe we stock the finest equipment available, we do not "hard-sell" - we promise to respect your wishes and budget, not suggesting the most expensive item in the store if it is not the right choice for you.

Dennis PERSONALLY inspects each item before it is shipped. Occasionally, an item is damaged in shipping or is not what you expected. So call us. You'll get that human. Who will bend over backwards to make it right. Those of you who have tried to get a complaint addressed with a big dot-commer know exactly how priceless this promise is. We do ask that you inspect your package within 3 business days of receipt. This protects you as well as us - you wouldn't want to find out that your choice has become unavailable or that you are on a waiting list 3 months down the road.

Adirondack Guitar and Pro Audio prides itself on offering the finest in musical instruments and equipment available. We do not feature the oops!-overruns you find on other sites. Dennis travels to major trade shows each season, and spends days on end trying and re-trying new products. All our equipment has been hand-picked by Dennis, and must meet his rigid standards for quality and performance. If you see it here, it has to be great.

Okay, all these old-fashioned principles are fine. But if you, gentle web-surfer, prefer to email us - we mail you back! Really! And not days or weeks later, usually within 24 hours, and sometimes immediately. And your response is not from a computer-generated auto-mailer. We respond personally - with bad grammar, misspellings and a sincere desire to help.

Thank You for visiting my store. Dennis

Member of The Better Business Bureau Since 2000

Adirondack Guitar and The Guitar Garage, We Reduce, Reuse, and Reycle.

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Why Buy from Adirondack Guitar?

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